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  • In order to ensure the stable operation of the agrometeorological station and the accuracy and reliability of the data, there is a need to carry out regular maintenance and servicing of the equipment, to deal with faults and problems in a timely manner, and to strengthen communication and collaboration with the data centre. It is also necessary to continuously improve and optimise the monitoring t···

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  • tipping bucket rain sensor (tipping bucket rain gauge) is a common instrument for measuring rainfall. The following are installation requirements and methods as well as common faults and solutions for tipping bucket rain gauges:

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  • weather station is a device used to measure and record various weather parameters. These parameters include temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed and direction, rainfall, and so on. Weather stations typically consist of multiple sensors, data collectors, and computer software that can monitor and record weather data in real time and generate related charts and reports.Before installing a···

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  • Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge is a precision measuring device and as such requires proper installation and maintenance to ensure its accuracy and reliability. Below is some information on the installation and maintenance of the Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge:Step 1: Select a suitable installation location: choose a flat, open and unobstructed location to ensure that rainfall will flow smoothly into the rai···

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  • Pyranometer Installation Methods:The Pyranometer is usually installed near a weather station or solar energy utilization device to facilitate monitoring of solar radiation intensity. To ensure accurate measurements, the Pyranometer should be installed in a location that is clear of large buildings, trees, and other obstructions, as well as making sure that the instrument is facing south or due sou···

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  • Anemometer is an instrument used to measure wind speed and direction and is commonly used in meteorological monitoring, environmental protection, aviation and other fields. The following provides some information on the installation and maintenance of the Anemometer:Anemometer installation steps:(1) Choose a suitable installation location: choose an open, unobstructed location to ensure that the A···

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  • Testing and calibration of anemometers can be carried out by following the steps below:Prepare calibration equipment: Prepare a standard anemometer or other calibration equipment for comparing and calibrating anemometer measurements.Perform testing and calibration: Install the anemometer at the test site, follow the instructions in the manual, and record the anemometer's measurements. At the same ···

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  • Soil Moisture Sensor Installation Steps:Select the appropriate installation method according to the sensor type. There are two insertion methods for the sensor:One is the sensor vertical insertion use, the sensor will be inserted vertically 90 degrees into the measured soil, do not shake the sensor when inserting, in order to prevent the sensor probe from being bent and damage the probe;The second···

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  • Temperature and humidity sensor output 4-20mA analogue conversion formula

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  • Weather monitoring equipment also needs daily maintenance and repair, the following are common failures and repair techniques:1. Sensor failure: Due to the harsh environment in which the weather monitoring equipment is used, it is easy to have sensor failures when it is exposed to wind, rain, sunlight and other natural conditions for a long time. For different types of sensor failures, replacement···

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