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  • Professional weather stations comprise a network of sensors and instruments that measure multiple atmospheric parameters. These may include temperature sensor, humidity sensor, air pressure sensor, wind speed sensor and wind direction sensor, precipitation sensor, solar radiation sensor, ultraviolet (UV) index, and more. These stations often feature high-quality sensors and data loggers that ensur···

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  • Heat flux sensors, also known as thermal flux sensors or heat transfer sensors, are specialized devices designed to measure the rate of heat transfer or heat flux through a surface. These sensors play a crucial role in various industries and research fields by providing accurate and reliable data on heat flow, enabling informed decisions related to energy management, thermal analysis, and system o···

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  • IoT sensors used in agriculture are small, smart devices equipped with various sensing capabilities. These sensors are networked and interconnected, creating an ecosystem of data collection and analysis. They can measure a wide range of environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity, soil moisture, light intensity, air quality, rainfall, and more. This data is collected in real-time and···

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  • Leaf wetness sensor, also known as a foliage wetness detector or leaf moisture sensor, is an instrument designed to measure the wetness or moisture level on plant leaves. This sensor plays a crucial role in various agricultural and environmental applications by providing valuable insights into plant health, disease prevention, and irrigation management.

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  • Cup Anemometer, also known as anemoclinometers, is a wind measurement instrument used to determine the wind speed at a particular location. This anemometer consists of three or four cups mounted on a horizontal shaft, which rotate around the vertical axis when exposed to the wind. The velocity of the cups' rotation is proportional to the wind speed, and this data can be recorded for further analys···

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  • The introduction of agrometeorological stations is of positive significance to the production and quality assurance of strawberry greenhouse cultivation. Through real-time monitoring of meteorological data inside and outside the greenhouse, optimising the strawberry growing environment, and warning and preparing for meteorological disasters, agrometeorological stations play an important role in st···

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  • As guardians in agricultural production, small weather stations play an important role in agricultural meteorological monitoring and disaster prevention and mitigation. Through automated monitoring, multi-factor monitoring, and real-time data transmission, they provide accurate and timely meteorological monitoring information for agricultural production, helping farmers make scientific decisions, ···

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  • As a professional tool and equipment, portable weather station gradually plays an important role in modern agricultural farming activities, providing accurate weather intelligence for agricultural production. Portable weather station plays an increasingly important role in modern agriculture, which can provide accurate and comprehensive weather monitoring data for agricultural production, help far···

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  • the use of Agricultural weather stations is crucial to the development of the apple industry. By providing accurate and reliable meteorological data and related information, it helps the agricultural sector better understand climate change on farmland, formulate scientific and reasonable land management strategies, achieve sustainable agricultural development and ensure stable yields. The applicat···

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  • agrometeorological station is a facility consisting of meteorological instruments, data recording systems, data transmission and communication equipment, and data analysis and applications. Its existence can help agricultural practitioners to monitor meteorological conditions in real time, provide accurate meteorological data, and provide scientific decision support and services for agricultural p···

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