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Automatic weather stations provide all-weather weather observation of the agro-weather environment

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Automatic weather station equipment can be used for a long time all-weather weather observation of the agricultural weather environment, weather changes have always had an important impact on agricultural production, long-term practice has proved that the impact of weather disasters on agriculture is huge, do not pay attention to weather observation, timely and effective defensive measures are difficult to obtain high quality crops and high growth of production, so the development of modern agriculture needs The development of modern agriculture requires good meteorological services at all times.

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Automatic weather stations play a fundamental role in the planning and design of agricultural parks. The current challenge of global warming has also seen a marked increase in meteorological disasters, with droughts and floods occurring with good frequency. To prevent the impact of these weather stations on agricultural returns, it is necessary to use real-time accurate meteorological data as support, using automatic weather stations to achieve real-time detection of meteorological data, providing an important reference basis for the healthy production of agriculture and the rational use of agricultural resources. Preventing and warning weather disasters.

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Regional automatic weather stations allow for the automatic monitoring of the microclimate environment in a region around the clock. Climate change is an irresistible factor in agricultural production. A favourable climate promotes the growth of crops and the opposite inhibits it. Therefore, in addition to wind and disaster prevention, microclimate changes also need to be taken into account in agricultural activities, as they have an important impact on the yield and quality of crops.

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With the accelerated development of agricultural modernisation, the level of agricultural meteorological services has also improved accordingly. Regional automatic weather stations are modern automatic monitoring systems for the microclimate environment used in some areas, which are used to effectively play a role in supporting meteorological science and technology with data to improve the agricultural microclimate environment and enhance the benefits of agricultural cultivation.

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We know from past experience that the climate related to crop growth and development includes temperature, humidity, light and rainfall, etc. Crops can only have better growth and longevity, better yield and quality under suitable microclimate environmental conditions. In the process of developing special agricultural red, agricultural instruments such as regional automatic agricultural weather stations can be fully used to accurately monitor meteorological elements, do a good job of disaster warning and prevention measures, use big data to scientifically guide the management of agricultural production and improve the level of refinement of production base management.

The regional automatic weather station has strong scientific and technological advantages. Using this system, planting and production personnel can keep abreast of the environment of the production base and the growth of crops, and through real-time monitoring and early warning, understand and grasp the climate change situation and enhance the disaster resistance of farmland. To meet the needs of low-cost, high-efficiency and standardized planting of special agricultural features around the world, to play a good effect of increasing production and income.

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