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Agricultural Sensors

Soil pH sensor RS485 soil Testing instrument soil ph meter for agriculture

Soil PH Sensor Soil Testing Meter 4-20mA/0-5V/RS485/Modbus Probe For Precision Agriculture Soil ph test instrument, which can be inserted directly into the soil to measure the pH level of the soil. Excessive acidity or alkalinity of the soil is an important factor limiting the growth and quality of plants, and most plants are intolerant of excessively acidic or alkaline soil. Therefore, it is important to know the pH and moisture of the soil.


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Product Details

NBL-S-PH Soil PH Sensor is an innovative agricultural science and technology product, which cleverly solves the problems faced by traditional soil PH detection. In the past, in order to accurately measure the PH value of soil, it needs to be equipped with a professional display meter, cumbersome calibration, and difficult to integrate, high power consumption, expensive and inconvenient to carry.

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This soil PH sensor has the following advantages:

1. Wide measuring range: the sensor is able to measure the soil PH value in the range of 0-14pH, applicable to various soil types.

2. high accuracy: the sensor's accuracy reaches ±0.1pH, which ensures the reliability of the measurement results.

3. High resolution: the sensor has a resolution of 0.01pH, which can provide finer measurement data.

4. Flexible power supply mode: the sensor supports DC 12V-24V power supply mode, adapting to various voltage environments.

5. Various output forms: the sensor provides voltage (0-5V), current (4-20mA) and RS485 and other output forms, which is convenient for users to choose the appropriate output method according to their needs.

6. High integration: the sensor has a high degree of integration, reducing the complexity of the device, easy to install and use.

7. Low power consumption: the sensor has low power consumption, which is conducive to energy saving.

8. affordable: compared with traditional soil PH value detection equipment, the sensor price is more affordable, for the majority of users to accept.

9. Easy to carry: the sensor is compact, light weight, easy to carry and field operation.

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Soil PH sensor has a wide range of applications in the field of agriculture and environmental monitoring, the following are some specific application scenarios:

1. Agricultural irrigation: Soil PH value is crucial for crop growth, and different crops have different requirements for soil PH value. Soil PH sensors can help farmers accurately monitor soil pH so that they can adjust irrigation water and fertiliser programmes to ensure healthy crop growth.

2. Flowers and horticulture: Flowers and horticultural crops have more stringent requirements for soil pH, and incorrect pH values can lead to slow growth or insufficient nutrient uptake. Soil PH sensors can help flower growers and horticulturists to precisely control the soil environment and improve the quality and yield of flowers and horticultural crops.

3. Grassland pastures: Soil pH in grassland pastures affects the growth of pasture grasses and the health of livestock. The use of soil PH sensors can help pasture managers to optimise pasture growing conditions, improve pasture quality and livestock breeding efficiency.

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4. Quick soil measurements: In soil improvement and remediation projects, quick and accurate measurements of soil pH are essential for developing and evaluating improvement measures. Soil PH sensors provide rapid soil PH data to support soil management and environmental protection.

5. Plant cultivation: Soil pH has a direct impact on plant growth and development during plant cultivation. Soil PH sensors can help greenhouse growers and laboratory researchers to precisely control the pH of the culture soil and optimise plant culture conditions.

6. Scientific experiment: In the field of agricultural research, soil PH value is one of the important research parameters. Soil PH sensor can provide researchers with accurate soil PH data, which helps to reveal the relationship between soil properties and crop growth.

7. Environmental protection: soil PH value is important for the health of the soil environment and ecosystem. Soil PH sensor can help environmental protection personnel to monitor soil pollution status, assess soil recovery potential, and provide scientific basis for environmental protection and restoration.

8. Precision agriculture: with the development of precision agriculture, soil PH sensor becomes one of the important tools in agricultural production. It can help farmers achieve precise fertiliser application and precise irrigation, improve agricultural production efficiency and reduce resource waste.

9. Education and training: soil PH sensor can also be used in agricultural education and training to help students and agricultural practitioners understand the importance of soil PH to agricultural production and improve their agricultural science and technology level.

To sum up, soil PH sensors are used in a variety of application scenarios, which not only help to improve the efficiency of agricultural production and crop quality, but also provide strong support for environmental protection and agricultural research. In conclusion, NBL-S-PH soil PH sensor is an innovative, practical and economical agricultural science and technology product.

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Soil pH sensor.jpg

Soil pH sensor.jpg

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Soil pH sensor data sheet


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