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Wind direction sensor for Airports, Ports Weather Stations Output Modbus/RS485/Analog/0-5V/4-20mA

The wind direction sensor can measure the near -ground wind direction in the outdoor environment. The subject of the sensor uses aluminum -magnesium alloy for shape. The internal circuit is sprayed with three anti -paint treatment to adapt to the harsh environment; Wind speed sensors can be widely used in meteorology, marine, airports, environmental monitoring, airports, ports, laboratories, industry and agriculture.


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Product Details

The wind direction sensor is a type of wind direction information from the wind direction arrow, feeling the external wind direction information, and transmits it to the coaxial code disk, and at the same time outputs a physical device with the corresponding value of the wind direction.

The wind direction sensor can measure the near -ground wind direction in the outdoor environment. According to the working principle, it can be divided into photoelectric, voltage, and compass types. Usually used with wind speed sensor.

The wind direction sensor is composed of wind cups, sensor main body, circuit module, transmission cable and other devices.

The wind cup of the wind direction sensor is usually manufactured by high weather, high strength, corrosion and waterproof metal;

The subject of the sensor uses aluminum-magnesium alloy forming, and the internal circuit is sprayed with three-proof paint treatment to adapt to the harsh environment; the circuit module has extremely reliable anti-electromagnetic interference capabilities and high and low voltage protection capabilities, which can ensure that the host is at -20 ° C to 60 ° C, humidity 10% to 95% of the environment work normally.

The wind direction sensor can be used in various applications. Here are some common application areas:

1. Meteorological observations: The wind direction sensor is an important component of weather stations. It can measure the direction of the wind, providing data for weather forecasting, weather monitoring, and climate research. Weather observation stations, weather satellites, weather radars, and other equipment all use wind direction sensors.

2. Aviation and aerospace: In the aviation and aerospace fields, understanding the direction of the wind is crucial for flight safety and navigation. Wind direction sensors are used on aircraft, including airplanes, helicopters, and drones, to provide accurate wind direction information for flight planning and operations.

3. Marine and maritime: In navigation and marine research, wind direction sensors help with ship navigation, marine weather forecasting, and ocean environmental monitoring. By detecting changes in wind direction, crew members can adjust heading and speed to ensure the safety and efficiency of a vessel.

4. Agriculture and environmental monitoring: In agriculture and environmental monitoring, understanding the wind direction is important for precise crop spraying, air pollution monitoring, and environmental research. Wind direction sensors can assist farmers in determining appropriate timing and methods for fertilization, as well as assessing air flow patterns and pollution dispersion in the environment.

5. Construction and energy: In building design and the energy industry, wind direction sensors can be used to assess wind energy resources and wind direction distribution for buildings or wind turbines. This is crucial for selecting suitable building materials, optimizing building design, and determining the location of wind farms.

In addition to the above application areas, wind direction sensors can also be applied in meteorological research, wind tunnel experiments, wind power control, and other fields. With advancing technology, the application scope of wind direction sensors continues to expand and innovate.

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