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A portable weather station is a device that can be carried

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Portable weather stations are portable devices used to measure and record data on many meteorological aspects such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure and rainfall. They serve to help people better understand current and future weather conditions and provide data to support decision making in areas such as outdoor adventure, sports, agricultural production, construction work, aviation, environmental protection and many more. In addition, portable weather stations can also perform data recording and analysis to better understand current and historical weather conditions.

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The role of portable weather stations is to provide accurate and real-time weather data to help people make more informed decisions.

The use of portable weather stations in agriculture allows real-time monitoring of meteorological parameters, effective prevention of meteorological disasters and reduction of agricultural economic losses caused by meteorological disasters.

The analysis and processing of data monitored by portable weather stations facilitates the scientific and rational organisation of farming activities and advance forecasting and warning.

Agricultural weather disasters are a huge loss for agriculture, and we cannot completely avoid them, but because agriculture depends on the properties of the sky to eat, in agricultural production will pay extra attention to weather changes, with the development of modern agriculture, the application of scientific instruments than in the past relying on experience production, planted by the feeling of weather monitoring is more accurate and effective.

Many areas are now beginning to use portable weather stations to build weather monitoring platforms to provide weather services for farmers.

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The most common meteorological disasters include low temperatures, droughts, floods and freezing, etc. The adverse effects of these on agricultural production are huge and to a certain extent can hinder the development of agriculture, so to reduce the losses caused by meteorological disasters and hair to promote the development of special agriculture, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring and analysis of the agricultural meteorological environment and improve the management of meteorological services for agriculture.

Portable weather stations can monitor in real time the air humidity, air temperature, rainfall, atmospheric pressure, light intensity, wind speed and direction and other meteorological parameters that have a significant impact on agricultural production, providing a reference basis for grasping the agricultural weather situation.

In the development of special agricultural planting, portable weather stations provide farmers with effective weather services, timely warning of meteorological disasters, taking preventive and control measures in advance, making agricultural planting management more scientific and standardised.

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