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Campus Weather Station Observation Instrument Components

Time:2023-03-05 21:38:44 Popularity:467

Campus weather station observation instruments are used to detect changes in the campus climate environment, and also to help students gain a deeper understanding of the climate environment and enhance their interest in learning about the natural environment as well as their ability to practice it.

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The climatic environment refers to the combined performance of various types of weather in a given area over a specific period of time. Many schools have introduced campus weather station observation instruments to monitor the environmental climate through meteorological equipment to ensure the safety of the school's teachers and students.

The components of a campus weather station observation instrument mainly include sensors, brackets, solar panels and batteries, climate data collectors and transmission modules, etc. The following is a detailed description of the role and function of these parts.

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  1, the weather station bracket, the main role of the bracket is used to support the other parts of the campus weather station observation instrument. The stand is generally made of stainless steel, which is resistant to interference and corrosion so that it can work in the field for a long time.

  2, climate data sensor, the role of the sensor in the campus weather station observation instrument is mainly used to detect the weather elements, a sensor corresponding to a weather monitoring elements, the campus weather station observation instrument sensor is not fixed, this can be based on the actual needs of their own optional.

  3, solar panels and batteries, its role is mainly for the campus weather station observation instrument to supply the required power supply, so that the weather station for all-weather monitoring work.

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  4、Data collector, its main role is the collection and transmission of meteorological elements data, through the collector will be monitored by the sensor meteorological data collection, and then through the transmission module to transmit the data.

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