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Wind speed sensor price and type of

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Wind speed sensor is a device used to measure wind speed and usually consists of a wind blade and a sensor. The wind blade rotates under the action of the wind and the sensor converts the rotational speed into an electrical signal output.

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Wind speed sensors are commonly used in meteorological, environmental monitoring, construction and energy applications, and it is important to know and understand wind speed information for wind energy utilization and environmental prevention.

Wind speed sensors can be classified into mechanical, hot-wire, ultrasonic, magnetic, piezoelectric, etc. according to the working principle and measurement range. Among them, mechanical and ultrasonic wind speed sensors are most widely used.

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Wind speed sensors are usually divided into several types, such as rotary wing, ultrasonic, thermal and wind tunnel, depending on the working principle and application scenarios.

Ultrasonic wind speed sensors use the propagation time difference of sound waves to measure wind speed, suitable for high-speed wind speed measurement, the price is higher than other sensors, commonly used in meteorology, environmental monitoring, aviation, ships and other fields. Some common brands of ultrasonic wind speed sensors generally range in price from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

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Hot-wire wind speed sensors use the electrical heating wire resistance change to measure wind speed, suitable for low-speed wind speed measurement, relatively low price, commonly used in indoor air quality monitoring, wind tunnel experiments and other scenarios.

Thermal wind speed sensors and wind tunnel wind speed sensors are less commonly used, and are more often used in some specific applications. Some common brands of hot-wire wind speed sensors range in price from a few hundred dollars.

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Mechanical wind speed sensors are typically more common, provide higher accuracy and reliability, and are generally priced in the tens to hundreds of dollars.

How to choose the right wind speed sensor needs to be based on the specific application scenario and measurement requirements.

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