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Rainproof, lightning-proof and corrosion-proof agricultural weather stations

Time:2023-03-05 21:24:27 Popularity:178

Agricultural weather stations achieve all-weather field weather monitoring

Agricultural weather stations can achieve all-weather field weather monitoring to meet the needs of agricultural services.

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In modern agricultural production, in order to be able to effectively improve the management of meteorological services for agriculture, many regions have introduced agricultural weather monitoring stations. Since weather monitoring is carried out in the field, this requires the agricultural weather station itself to have functions such as rain and frost protection and corrosion prevention, regular maintenance of the agricultural weather station, in addition to good lightning protection of the agricultural weather station is also very important.

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It is important to choose a representative site for the construction of agricultural weather stations, to strictly follow the installation standards during the installation process, to comply with the design requirements of lightning protection design, to avoid lightning attacks on agricultural weather stations in the field, and to always do a good job of tracking and monitoring to ensure that the lightning protection facilities of agricultural weather stations can be used correctly and that the lightning protection effect meets the specified requirements.

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In addition to the regular inspection of the agricultural weather station, the weather station in the field is greatly affected by climate change, so in addition to the regular inspection of the agricultural weather station should also carry out regular inspection of the lightning protection facilities. The effect of lightning protection should always be kept in the best condition.

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