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What are the functions of the 4G industrial gateway?

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What are the functions of the 4G industrial gateway

  In the architecture of the Internet of Things, an intermediate device is needed between two different networks at the perception layer and the network layer, that is, the "Internet of Things Gateway". The IoT gateway can be used for both wide area network interconnection and local area network interconnection. In addition, the IoT gateway also needs to have device management functions. Operators can manage the underlying sensing nodes through the IoT gateway device, understand the relevant information of each node, and realize remote control.

   The functions of the IoT gateway mainly include three 

  1. Protocol conversion capability

Protocol conversion from different perception networks to access networks, unified encapsulation of the data in the standard format of the lower layer, to ensure that the protocols of different perception networks can become unified data and signaling; the data packets sent by the upper layer are parsed into perception The signaling and control commands that can be identified by the layer protocol.

  2. Extensive access capabilities

   There are many technical standards for short-range communication. Nowadays, standardization work for IoT gateways is being carried out at home and abroad, such as 3GPP, sensor working group, to realize the interconnection and intercommunication of various communication technology standards.

    3. Manageability

   The gateway must first be managed, such as registration management, authority management, status supervision, etc. The gateway realizes the management of the nodes in the subnet, such as obtaining the identity, status, attributes, energy, etc. of the nodes, and remotely realizes wake-up, control, diagnosis, upgrade and maintenance, etc. Due to the different technical standards of the subnets and the different complexity of the protocols, the management capabilities of the gateways are different.

Functions realized by 4G industrial gateway:

  1) Ability to perceive network access. The smart gateway first has the function of acquiring information such as the attributes and status of each node, that is, it can perceive the real-time status of each node. Secondly, it has functions such as remote control, wake-up, and diagnosis of nodes.

  2) Interoperability of heterogeneous networks. Smart gateway access must have requirements for cross-domain communication, so a complete addressing technology is needed to ensure that the information of all nodes can be accurately located and inquired.

  3) Communication and data format standardization. The intelligent gateway must realize the protocol conversion from the sensor network to the traditional communication network, uniformly encapsulate the standard format data transmitted on the protocol adaptation layer, unpack the data sent by the wide area access layer into standard format data, and realize the command Analysis, and then converted into signals and control instructions that can be recognized by the perception layer protocol.

   To put it simply, the smart gateway mainly completes three tasks. The first is to collect data from sensor nodes; the second is to perform data protocol conversion; and the last is to quickly send the data after the protocol conversion to the public network. In addition, it should also have corresponding management and control capabilities.

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What are the functions of the 4G industrial gateway?-Technical Support-Agricultural sensor_Soil sensor_temperature and humidity sensor_PH sensor_NPK sensor_Pyranometer_weather stations-NiuBoL
XWhat are the functions of the 4G industrial gateway?-Technical Support-Agricultural sensor_Soil sensor_temperature and humidity sensor_PH sensor_NPK sensor_Pyranometer_weather stations-NiuBoL

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