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Soil Sensor Troubleshooting

Time:2022-05-09 21:02:43 Popularity:366

Soil moisture sensor operation precautions:

1. Before the measurement, the soil with uniform density should be selected as the measured object;

2. Do not insert the sensor probe into the hard soil block to prevent the probe from being damaged;

3. Do not directly pull the cable to move the sensor out of the soil, and hold the epoxy resin outer packaging to the soil under test;

4. After using the soil moisture sensor, use a brush to remove the dust on the probe, and dry the probe with a soft cloth to protect the humidity probe clean and increase its service life.


Soil Sensor Troubleshooting

Several common glitches of soil sensors:

1. When the output error of the soil moisture recorder transmitter is large, it should be caused by the wrong installation of the resistance wire of the soil temperature sensor. Sometimes it may also be caused by the sensor not being calibrated when it leaves the factory. error.

2. When the signal output of the soil temperature sensor is unstable, this is the cause of the failure of the temperature source itself. Since the temperature source itself is an unstable temperature, if the instrument display is unstable, it is because the interference of the instrument is not good.


3. When the temperature of the medium tested by the soil temperature sensor increases or decreases, the transmitter does not respond. The reason for this situation should be the result of the temperature and humidity sensor sealing, or it may be because the temperature and humidity sensor is being welded. When the sensor was carelessly vented, if it is the fault caused by this situation, then the outer casing of the soil temperature sensor needs to be replaced.

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