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Soil Moisture Sensor Installation and Maintenance Tutorial

Time:2023-11-03 15:25:18 Popularity:507

Installation and maintenance information for the Soil Moisture Sensor is listed below:

Soil Moisture Sensor Installation Steps:

Soil Moisture Temperature sensor.jpg

Select the appropriate installation method according to the sensor type. There are two insertion methods for the sensor:

One is the sensor vertical insertion use, the sensor will be inserted vertically 90 degrees into the measured soil, do not shake the sensor when inserting, in order to prevent the sensor probe from being bent and damage the probe;

The second is to use multiple sensors in flat insertion, the sensor will be inserted into the measured soil in parallel. This method is used for multi-layer soil moisture detection, the humidity head is arranged 10cm apart to prevent mutual interference. Do not shake the sensor during insertion to prevent the sensor probe from being bent and damaging the steel needle.

During installation, if you feel that there are hard lumps or foreign objects in the measured soil, please re-select the location of the measured soil to continue testing.

Precautions for soil moisture sensor operation:

First, you should select the soil with uniform density as the measured object before measurement;

Second, please do not insert the sensor probe into the hard soil block to prevent the probe from being damaged;

Third, do not directly tug the cable to move the sensor out of the soil, hold the epoxy resin outer package by hand to be measured soil;

Fourth, after use, use a brush to sweep the probe on the soil dust, and use a soft cloth to dry the probe, protect the humidity probe clean, increase the use of life.

Soil moisture sensor maintenance:

Regularly check whether the line is false connection, whether the positive and negative poles of power supply and ground wire are connected correctly, whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements and so on.

Care and maintenance: Avoid the instrument being scratched, keep the external integrity, increase the service life of the instrument;

When using the instrument, please fix the connection parts firmly to avoid damage to the instrument;

Do not treat the instrument roughly, destroying the internal circuit board and the precise structure;

Do not paint the instrument with pigments, as painting will block debris in the detachable parts thus affecting normal operation;

Use a clean, dry, soft cloth to clean the exterior of the instrument; check the power level of other configured equipment regularly to ensure that the instrument works properly.

The above information is for reference only, you can read the product manual for more accurate information.

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