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Maintenance measures for agricultural weather stations(1)

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Maintenance measures for agricultural weather stations

    With the rapid development of modern agriculture, people are paying more and more attention to agricultural meteorology. Currently, many regions are using small agricultural weather stations to strengthen the monitoring of the agricultural weather environment, which not only makes up for the shortage of conventional weather stations, but also provides a strong basis for meteorological decision-making services, which greatly improves the level of meteorological services for agriculture in each region and plays an important role in guiding farmers to scientifically plant their fields and promoting increased production and income.

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    Agricultural weather station is a meteorological data collection, storage, transmission and management in one meteorological collection system. It can monitor atmospheric temperature, atmospheric humidity, soil temperature, soil humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, radiation, illumination and many other meteorological elements at the same time.

    For agricultural weather stations, sensors are very important and have high accuracy and reliability. The weather station equipment is generally used continuously year after year, in daily use, how should the agricultural weather station maintenance and maintenance?

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    1.Computer maintenance, computer is also indispensable in the work of small weather stations, because all the weather station data should be displayed on the computer, but also to generate a variety of files to save, once the computer is paralyzed, not only all kinds of data can not be displayed and saved, but also can not monitor the operation of small weather stations at any time, so to keep the computer can not fail, so that it is in good condition. Using the cloud platform to view data and export data, running 24/7, saves the cost of manual maintenance of the computer.

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2. Maintenance of power supply system, because the automatic weather station collector works 24/7 and is always collecting, storing, and transmitting data, it is important to maintain a stable, continuous, and interference-free power supply.

   In the maintenance of automatic weather stations, power supply maintenance is the basis of maintenance work, because automatic stations are configured with backup power supply (solar power supply system), so we should regularly check whether the collector electrode power connector is firmly connected, whether the power supply is normal, whether the power indicator is normal, and whether the battery line and fuse are working normally, and replace the battery according to the inspection results, and the conditions can be Equipped with emergency generator.

3. Rain sensor maintenance, to regularly check the barrel body, to ensure that the installation level, the mouth of the     device to maintain the level, daily inspection of the rain sensor inlet and outlet to check whether there are blockages, clear the funnel filter on the debris, to keep the water flowing smoothly.

When cleaning the hopper, use a soft brush to gently brush its surface dirt, and forbid to touch the surface of the hopper and funnel with your hands. Do not twist the adjusting screw when cleaning.

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Maintenance measures for agricultural weather stations(1)-Technical Support-Agricultural sensor_Soil sensor_temperature and humidity sensor_PH sensor_NPK sensor_Pyranometer_weather stations-NiuBoL
XMaintenance measures for agricultural weather stations(1)-Technical Support-Agricultural sensor_Soil sensor_temperature and humidity sensor_PH sensor_NPK sensor_Pyranometer_weather stations-NiuBoL

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