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Maintenance measures for agricultural weather stations (2)

Time:2022-05-29 14:26:41 Popularity:365

Agricultural weather station is a meteorological data collection, storage, transmission and management in one meteorological collection system. It can simultaneously monitor many meteorological elements such as atmospheric temperature, atmospheric humidity, soil temperature, soil humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, radiation, illumination, etc.

For agricultural weather stations, sensors are very important and have high accuracy and reliability. Weather station equipment is generally used continuously year after year, in daily use, how should the agricultural weather station's be maintained and cared for?

agricultural weather stations.jpg

4. Soil sensor maintenance, soil sensor maintenance is mainly to wipe the water and debris attached to the sensor debris, timely loosening and leveling of the ground, regular inspection of the deep temperature and shallow soil sensor installation status, whether offset and moved, and regular inspection of the intrusion of water and debris and cable wear and so on.

Atmospheric Temperature &Humidity&Pressure Sensor.jpg

5. wind direction and wind speed sensor maintenance, wind direction and wind speed sensor maintenance is mainly to check whether the fixed wire is solid, whether the wind direction pole is vertical, to keep observing the wind vane and wind direction cup rotation is flexible, compare the accuracy of the wind direction, when there is an abnormality to correct immediately.

Wind direction and wind speed sensor.jpg

6. temperature and humidity sensor maintenance, temperature and humidity sensor maintenance is mainly for the sensor head protection cover on the dust and dirt, to replace the filter paper and mesh in a timely manner, otherwise it will cause the apparatus ventilation effect is not good, ventilation is not smooth, resulting in data distortion, to regularly check the sensor height is correct, timely cleaning of the louver box, sensor cover and replace the sensor filter paper;.

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The maintenance of air pressure sensor is to check the air pressure nozzle regularly to ensure that the inside of the instrument is not polluted and free of debris, and to clean it in time to ensure smooth airflow.

Small weather stations should be assigned a person to manage and regularly check the weather station, and also to prevent pests, because the sensors of the weather station are processed and collected on the collector and displayed on the computer, if the rats chew the cable, it is not only inconvenient to repair, but also the data of the sensors on the weather station can not be accurately transmitted, which will make the data have missing, so we should pay attention to do a good job of anti-rats Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the rat prevention measures. 

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